uPVC Window Handles

uPVC windows are very popular with homeowners who want strong reliable windows in their home.  Architects and builders are happy to install these windows in properties that are being designed and that are being constructed and here are some of the reasons why.

These windows come in a colour selected by you and as the window units have undergone tests to ensure that the colour will not fade in the frame, you can be assured that your windows will remain fresh looking for their lifetime.  The selection and range of colours available when you are purchasing uPVC windows is impressive and this means that they have come a long way from when manufacturers of these windows were only able to offer a limited range of colours for the frames.

Security is much more of an issue with regard to windows than it was in past times.  Modern windows with uPVC frames usually have excellent locking systems and modern uPVC window handles built into the units so that it is very difficult for a burglar to access through a locked window.

uPVC windows are renowned for requiring little maintenance.  In these modern times when homeowners are working hard all week the last thing they need is to have to carry out tasks such as window painting on their days off.  Having timber windows in your home would mean that every 5 years or so you would have to strip down the windows and repaint or re-varnish them and this timescale could even have to be reduced depending on where you live.

Being a natural product timber can rot if it is exposed to inclement weather and metal can rust or corrode.  Of all of the most popular types of windows those made from uPVC require the least attention.  That is not to say that they do not need to be cleaned regularly with warm, soapy water and that their hinges and other moving parts should not be lubricated, but in the main they are maintenance free.