Pool Vacuum Cleaners – Differences Between Suction Side And Pressure Side

Suction side and pressure side pool vacuum cleaners are the most common category of cleaner on the market. Fully automatic robotic pool cleaners are also available as well as manual cleaners but these makes are less widely used. In this article we consider the key differences between suction side and pressure side cleaners to help you make your decision.

Precious side cleaners are driven using water pressure that is generated either by the return hose on your pump or by a dedicated pump that is purchased with the cleaner. This water pressure forces the debris into a filter bag and also works to drive the cleaner around the pool. As pressure side cleaners have their own separate debris bag you don’t have to worry about overburdening your existing pool filter. In addition, pressure side cleaners are the most effective type of cleaner for dealing with larger particles. If for example your pool collects leaves or acorns in large quantities a pressure side cleaner is most likely the right option for you.

Suction side cleaners are generally a little bit less expensive than pressure cleaners and are easier to install. Rather than working off the pressure from a pump, they use the suction that is generated and are usually installed via the skimmer. The suction drives the cleaner around the pool as it vacuums away the debris. The debris that is collected passes to your pool filter so it’s important to always keep an eye on this to ensure that it isn’t becoming compromised. While some manufacturers claim that their suction side cleaners are able to handle large debris in addition to smaller particles, they are generally less effective at doing this than pressure side cleaners. Most suction side cleaners are able to clean, nooks and crannies, walls as well as of course the pool floors.

As you navigate the market you’ll notice top brands such as Kreepy Krawley, Polaris, Hayward and Barracuda. Some manufacturers have both suction side and pressure side cleaners.