Selecting an Eyebrow Waxing Kit

In order to perform eyebrow waxing in the comfort of your own home, you will require the same supplies used by professionals in salons. This means that you will be required to invest a small amount of money on supplies. However, once you own the wax warmer, strips, spatulas and wax required to do the job, you will save money over a longer time period. Let’s run through some of the greatest kits available for purchase.

Which company manufactures the greatest eyebrow wax and in which store can it be bought?

GiGi is one company that manufactures wonderful waxing products both for professional and home use. They are not only affordable but they are of great quality too. Their products can be purchased online, meaning that you can get your hands on them without even leaving the house. You can buy them from This website also sells Satin Smooth products which are for professional and home use.

The eyebrow waxing kit for both genders

A great eyebrow waxing kit will come with a wax warmer, wax, strips, spatulas and all astringents and lotions required both before and after waxing. One such eyebrow waxing kit is the Strip Free Honee by GiGi. However with this kit, the wax is warmed in a microwave, meaning that a warmer device is not required. As the name suggests, it is also strip free, meaning that cotton or muslin is not required. However, the only problem with this specific kit is that in the absence of strips, the wax’s consistency must be perfect. Pulling the wax off can also prove difficult. That said, those experienced in the use of wax will love this kit.

Beginner Kits

Those new to waxing may prefer the Mini Pro Kit by GiGi. This kit includes everything you need, including a mini wax warming device. In addition, it features soft wax cream which melts with ease and proves simple to apply. Furthermore, it is perfect for all types of skin, including sensitive skin. GiGi also sells Soy wax – a soft, creamy wax ideal for skin which is unable to tolerate other types of waxes.