Comparing Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat pillows are now available in many brands and types, depending on what you need and are looking for. Everything should be assessed carefully, from the buckwheat grower to the manufacturer to the supplier, to ensure that you are getting the best quality products that will truly last and give you the comfort you’ve always wanted.

Things to Consider

You have to consider the process of growing the buckwheat to ensure that you are getting 100% organic and natural products. The place where the buckwheat is grown is very important so you can tell if the manufacturing and development process follows the right standards for cleaning and processing and you have pure and clean hulls. This will avoid the possibility of getting dust and dirt in the pillows that can trigger health problems and other sensitivity attacks.

There are a number of buckwheat growers in the United States, although other manufacturers also rely on imported hulls to finish their products. In most cases, proper permits are needed to legally bring in hulls and other imported goods into the United States. Certification will be required to ensure consumers that they are buying good quality products all the time.

More About the Pillows

Imported pillows might be treated via fumigation or chemicals to get rid of microorganisms. This might compromise the purity of the hulls, so as much as possible, only get buckwheat pillows coming from buckwheat that are locally grown. Another feature you should try to get is a zipper where you can take out or add in more hulls according to your comfort level. You need the right filler amount so the pillow follows the natural shape and contours of your body. The fabric that comprises the pillow should also be of good quality and free of chemical treatments, since these can trigger skin problems and enhance your allergies.