How To Astral Project For Beginners

Astral projection is a fascinating phenomena which leaves a lot of us doubting: Is it real? Does it exist? While many have long been telling about their own experiences of what is commonly referred to as an out of body experience, science has been slow to demonstrate that the phenomena is indeed a valid one. Through quantum physics and neurological research, we now know that it is indeed real, it’s just not something you can grab and identify physically in any direct manner.

In any case, during these types of occurrences, people have been reporting encounters with other beings, the ability to go through walls and other apparently solid materials – among a whole slew of unusual activities. For people who have never experienced such phenomena, the access to it can be difficult as it is an unknown and unfamiliar path. In general, one has to get into a trance state, an altered state of consciousness, where the projection of the consciousness outside of the body becomes possible. You may read more about how to astral project for beginners, but we’ll just take a quick look here at a special tool which facilitates the whole process, it’s called binaural beats or brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment refers to an audio technology which features repetitive sound tones of specific frequencies. As these sounds are listened to, the repetition and the pitch of the tones are able to entrain the brain into a particular state. In the case of an astral projection binaural beats, the sounds would be in the theta range of frequencies – the same one occurring during an OOBE. By entering this altered state prior to the experience itself, it becomes much easier to initiate the phenomena.

The listener will still need to relax deeply, allow the sounds to entrain the mind and then perform what is known as an exit technique (often involving some type of visualization) in order to induce astral projection consciously, but because the brain is already in the right state, the process is significantly facilitated.