Military Training Can Improve Your Future Hiring Potential

With the job market so competitive now, people are looking for any way they can to get a leg up on other job hunters. Everything from professionally created resumes to going back to College for more degrees have been done by job seekers. But there’s one area where a lot of younger people overlook when they’re planning their future and it could be hurting their future chances of being hired. It’s Military training. Many companies want responsible young people with the ability to lead. That’s why they turn to ex-Military professionals. You don’t have to become an Army Ranger or Force Recon Marine, but obviously any leadership type training, such as Officer Candidate School, will give your resume a boost when looking at top positions.

Each branch of the Military has its own special departments that provide opportunity for specialized training. I would suggest that anyone wanting to add a few positive feathers in their cap sign up for a MOS that will closely match what they’ll be doing, or what they’d like to do, in the civilian work place.

For example, if you’d like to be a translator, then obviously working your way into being an Instructor in one of the Military branches foreign language schools would be a great resume booster. The same is true if you just wanted to be a Gunsmith. Becoming one in the Military and working at some leadership skills would increase the odds of you getting a second look whenever someone looked over your job application.

Officer training isn’t a must, but if you’re going to spend 4 or more years of your life in the Military, you should try and get as much free training as you possibly can. And let’s face it, most people hiring someone would look upon a former Military officer more positively than someone without that life experience.

Put simply, Military training, and Officer training specifically, will give you the skills you need to deal with all types of stressful situations. While your friends are spending four years in the dorm partying every night, you could be getting a real education and life experiences that will give you an advantage over them when you get out. Besides, have you heard the latest? There aren’t many good jobs you can get with a four year degree. Companies are wanting more education out of their prospective employees and many would prefer you have more experience than knowing what a kegger is!