3 Easy Things You Can Do to Avoid Bunk Bed Accidents?

Bunk beds are regarded as one of the riskiest beds on the planet, if not the most dangerous. This is mainly due to the fact that it in America alone more than a thousand children suffer from minor to major injuries from accidents concerning the bunk bed. Also because of the fact the bunk bed, among all the other types of beds out there, has been involved with the most accidents.

However, the bunk bed is an inanimate object, and we cannot blame the bunk bed for the accidents concerned with it. It would be just like blaming a car for causing too many vehicular accidents all over the world. Similarly, just as vehicular accidents can be avoided, by taking the proper safety measures, accidents concerning bunk beds can also be avoided by taking a number of safety precautions. Most of the safety precautions mentioned in this article are taken from Easy Snooze. For more comprehensive and consolidated information, you can head over to that site.

The Wonderful Measures to Take That Reduce Risk of Injury

We all know that guard rails are a must when it comes to bunk bed safety, but did you know that guard rails for only one side is not enough. According to the historical reports of accidents concerning bunk beds, children are not only prone to falling off the children’s bunk bed, but also get injuries from limbs that get stuck between the gap between the bunk bed and the wall.

If your bunk bed does not have guard railings on both sides, and one side is parallel to the wall on in contact with the wall, you have to make sure that your bunk bed is quite heavy, so that it will be stationary. If the bunk bed moves away from the wall, it will create a gap between the wall and the bunk bed. Without guard railing on that side, your child can get stuck in this gap and can get injured in the process. Secondly make sure that the bunk bed is placed no where near the lights, low ceiling, or ceiling fan. For obvious reasons, placing the bunk bed near that light source is a bad idea.

But numerous accidents happen wherein children jump down from the top bunk and hit their heads on the ceiling. Be sure that if your children is really reckless and carefree, he/she sleeps on the bottom bunk. Lastly, make sure that the size of the foam mattress is perfect for the frame. Most bunk beds for kids have a standard size for single sleepers. Having a foam mattress that is not the right size can increase the risk of children falling off the bunk bed(if the top bunk mattress it too big), and children’s limbs getting through the top bunk(if the mattress is too small).

Preventive Measures are not enough

Just as seat belts will not ensure the total avoidance of accidents, neither will these safety measures. It’s still up to the user of the bunk bed to take caution when going up and down the bunk bed. Always remind your children to be careful when descending and ascending the bunk bed, as well as when they are playing around on the bunk bed.