John Deere Baby Bedding

John Deere baby bedding is not just for folks who live out in the country. A lot of successful folks who live in the city will buy John Deere baby bedding for their infants room. In fact John Deere baby crib bedding is a terrific way of adding that warm country feel to your baby’s bedroom.

I know of a friend who is a successful lawyer in one of the bigger cities on the Eastern seaboard who bought cheap John Deere baby bedding for his son. And when I say it was cheap John Deere baby bedding I mean only in price. He got the best price on John Deere baby bedding at Amazon.

And he and his wife decided on John Deere crib bedding because they’re high school sweethearts who grew up in the country. In fact, his wife’s father still works a farm out in Illinois and so they both wanted a reminder of where they grew up and where they’re from. In fact, they plan to retire back in Illinois on a little hobby farm eventually.

And even now, even though their son is an infant, they’re looking at John Deere toddler bedding and John Deere baby clothes as well. Their son already has a John Deere tractor toy but they didn’t get the John Deere tractor bedding. Though if you visit their home you’d swear that they have all the John Deere baby stuff that is available to anyone.

It’s really cute the way they’ve set up their baby’s room in the farm motif theme. In fact, they had a young artist from the local art store paint a whole mural on the one wall that was of a John Deere farm scene and on the other wall, they have a bunch of John Deere baby items including John Deere wall decals. They’ve done a really good job.

When I asked them where they got most of this John Deere merchandise they told me that they bought most of it online from Amazon. Not only for the convenience, but because of the savings too!