Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning & Hummingbird Symbolism

Today we’ll explore the Hummingbird tattoo meaning as well as Hummingbird symbolism. Many of us who get tattoos choose tattoos either designs ore animals or even quotes and such because they have some specific meaning to us. To browse the best tattoos click here.

You’ll often find Hummingbird symbolism in many of the great First Nations’ people of North America. In fact much of their mythology is based upon the natural world and their is a great story of how the revered hummingbird bought fire to the earth and to the people of the earth.

Hummingbird was sent by Eagle to get fire from the Badger people, but they didn’t want to share their fire with Eagle or Hummingbird, so they through a deer skin over the fire to hide it from Hummingbird. However, Hummingbird saw the fire through a hole in the deerskin and put his long beak in there and took out a bright hot ember.

Before he could get the ember to Eagle, the ember burst into flame  and that is how Hummingbird got fire and brought it back to earth. The Badger people also lived underground in case you were wondering. And this is also how Hummingbird got his bright red throat.

If you’re wondering what that has to do with hummingbird tattoo meaning or hummingbird symbolism just think about it for a moment. The hummingbird in that story was exceptionally brave and got burned on his mission to grab fire.

As such, this is one of the strongest symbolic meanings of the hummingbird, the courage and the courage to work hard under great duress. The humming bird symbolism  is about how small the hummingbird is but yet, how hard he works. Those beating wings to keep him still as he seeks drops of nectar from the plants.

Folks also wear humming bird tattoo meaning for other things like potency and vigor. The long beak of the hummingbird is seen as an icon of vigor and virility. And the ancient Aztecs wore hummingbird talisman and amulets of real hummingbird parts in battle.

So the hummingbird tattoo meaning strength and valor and courage. Even though the hummingbird is small and fragile, the meaning of hummingbird tattoos is one of strength, courage under pressure and unrelenting work.