The 3 Most Important Pieces Needed When Shopping for an Outdoor Bar

For an outdoor bar and grill, three pieces stand out above the others in their importance for both form and function: the bar table, the bar stools, and the grill. Design, practicality, cost, and type are the factors to consider when making your choice for each.

Bar Tables

Look at the height, design, and width when choosing your outdoor bar table. Will you have large garden parties with standing guests, or will you mostly be focused on intimate garden setups with close family and friends? If the guests will vary between standing and sitting, high table sets are good as well as a small outdoor bar. In particular, a round high table can be ideal for this purpose, as guests can stand if there are too many of them to fit chairs, but can also sit on an elevated stool when they are fewer. If you generally will have a larger number of seated guests, the large round outdoor table is good, particularly for al fresco dining. You can use a drop leaf dining table for this so that it doesn’t take too much space when you don’t have as many guests.

Bar Stools

Should you get traditional outdoor patio seats, or go for the potentially trendier elevated bar stools. Patio stools take up more space, but also have the advantage of being perfect for both dining and drinking. For price, design matters more than material, so that even wrought iron outdoor bar stools can be much more expensive than wrought iron outdoor bar stools. One style that is appealing for the outdoors is wicker outdoor patio chairs and bar stools, and they also had the important added benefit of being highly weather and insect resistant compared to other materials.


Gas, charcoal, electric, and infrared grill are the four types, and they are so named because of their fuel type. Prices on amazon start at $30-40 for charcoal and electric grills, so for those on a budget this can be ideal. However, electric grills generally can’t match the taste quality of the other grill types, and lack the fun of seeing the smoke. Charcoal is highly inconvenient as you have to carry heavy charcoal bags from the store. However, it gives the most authentic experience, with heavy smoke and a distinct charcoal barbeque flavor. Gas has a lot of the benefits of charcoal, and is more convenient, but also much more expensive, with grills easily reaching close to $1000. If you want to go high tech, you can go for the infrared grill, which super heats ceramic tiles, radiating them and passing on the radiation to cook the food. This cooking method is the fastest and possibly the tastiest, but relatively expensive compared to all other methods other than high end gas grills.

Combining them

You want to choose the pieces so that they match, both in style and in practicality. Make sure that the grill and bar set sizes make sense, so that you don’t have one huge and another tiny. Also, if you get bar stools, consider a round high table, while if you get patio chairs, a shorter table is more appropriate. If you do get bar stools, you can imitate a traditional bar buy placing the bars in a row instead of in a circle, saving space and giving a design not found in many homes. With all this together, you can now enjoy peaceful and fun times with those you are close to.