Causes Middle Back Pain – A Look At Spinal Decompression

The construction of the middle part of the back is quite complicated. The middle part of the back which is called the thoracic spine which is made of bones or vertebrae and cartilage tissue as well as vertebra discs. Aside from that a lot of ligaments, muscles and spinal nerve roots. Causes of middle back pain are usually a result of injury or damaged of any of the components mentioned.

To date, the most common cause of middle back pain is back sprain or back strain. An abnormal stretching in the back muscles may result to back strain which may cause tears in the tissues. If the ligament tissues of the middle back are injured then a back sprain occurs. The common cause for muscle strain is incorrect posture. The pain felt usually tends to intensify through time. However sudden middle back pain is mostly a result from cramps and back muscle spasm. This is due to overuse of the back muscles and in rare cases dehydration can cause back muscle spasm too.

Severity of the pain ranges from mild to moderate. It can be very severe if the cartilage and bones are badly injured and the pain can last for a long time. Other cause of middle back pain is cause by injury, osteoarthritis and arthritis, bulging disc and many more.

On rare cases the source of the middle back pain is not really the back area but the abdominal part or the chest. This is because most of the nerves in the thoracic spine are connected to the abdomen and chest so that the pain felt in the abdomen or chest can travels through the nerve and thus felt in the back. That is why middle back pain can be related to lung problems, stomach or heart problems.

Middle back pain treatment actually depends on the cause of the pain. If the pain is cause by degenerative disc diseases mentioned above then it can be treated using the non-surgical method of treatment like physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation and the new non-surgical spinal decompression.

However if it is cause by other medical conditions like heart, stomach or lung problem then appropriate medication should be given. It is important then that your doctor will be able to make the right diagnosis of your condition.