Best Plants to Grow by Seed

A lot of people find gardening to be the most relaxing activity that they can take up as a hobby. I know this personally because I release the stress that I build up in the office by working on my own little garden where I grow all kinds of things. It is so relaxing that in fact it is the only place where I can find escape from the frenetic pace of my everyday life. Now, when I started out in gardening I really did not know that much about plants, the soil or how to take care of plants and make everything grow. I just have to find out things for myself. One of the most difficult things that I had to learn was how to grow plants by the seed.

You have to be confident that the soil in your garden is rich in the nutrients that are going to be needed by the plant. Otherwise they might not even make it through the first stage of their growing process. Here are some of the best plants to grow by seed:

Nasturtiums– If you want to plant a great looking and flowing vine then this is the plant to go for. The leaves of this plant looks like small lily pads and it comes in several attractive colours like red, yellow and even vanilla. Once they have developed enough this plant is going to need very little care. Another advantage of this plant is that its leaves are actually edible.

Sweet Peas– When it comes to planting the seeds of this plant, you need to do some preparation. The preparation involves soaking the seeds overnight to let it sprout and then transferring the seeds to the soil. When the conditions are right this plant can quickly grow. This is a vine that can grow rapidly and can give off a sweet that can make your garden sweet smelling.

Catnip or Catmint- You can buy this kind of plant ready and grown but where’s the fun in that? You can grow this grassy plant from the seed. They can grow very quickly and if you have some pet cats in your house they are all going to love rolling around in it.

Sunflowers– This plant is relatively easy to grow from the seeds. You just have to mind where you are planting them because they can grow as high as corn. They are very attractive looking plants for any garden which can give the place that charming rustic feel to it.

Arugula- This is a vegetable similar to lettuce that is normally found in the more expensive types of salad. It has a nutty flavour to it. The great news is that it is quite easy to grow from seeds. There is really nothing like having your own source of excellent and healthy food within your backyard. Having this kind of vegetable handy can make your salad a different kind of experience.

These are just some of the plants that you can grow from seeds.