Tips for DIY Bathroom Cabinet Doors

A linen cabinet may or may not come with doors. Some people prefer cabinets without doors because it allows them to easily access things on the cabinets like towels and bathroom essentials. Other people like cabinets with doors because it protects the things inside the cabinet from dust and dirt. It is a good way of keeping towels and linens fresh, crisp and clean. If you are one of the people who acquired cabinets with doors but he doors is broken. You can still replace it at low costs. It is also an easy [project which you can do yourself.

The first thing you need to do is to choose what wood to use on your linen cabinet. You can go with the same wood as the entire cabinet or you can go with a different type. You also have the option to use glass instead. Glass is a beautiful material which will allow you to see exactly what is inside the cabinet without the need to open it. If you choose wood, make sure to use hardwood. Hardwood is a durable and nice material which will last a long time. Cherry and oak are popular choices of wood.

The next thing you need to do is to select a suitable finish for your cabinet doors. You can stain it, paint it or just apply varnish. Make sure, however, to select a finish or color which is very close to the rest of the cabinet. You would not want your cabinet door to look as if it was snatched from another furniture and then added to your cabinet.

Your cabinet doors also need the appropriate hardware. Hardware means the hinges, knobs and pulls. There are many kinds so you need to choose the correct kind. There are plain knobs and pulls and there are also decorative types. Choose one which is appropriate for your cabinet and also for the entire bathroom.