The World Is An Illusion To A Foreign Exchange Student

The human race is wacky. Compared to any other animal, we have a plethora of behaviors that is just way too wide. As much as you might believe the world is an illusion, going out there to see it will change you. One’s own position in the spectrum of human behavior can be drastically and quickly altered by something as simple as being a foreign exchange student for a couple of years.

Whereas dogs have a certain variability within their behavior, the difference between the average person and, say, Albert Einstein is far wider. The average specimen of homo sapiens is probably closer to a chimpanzee than to Nietzsche. Allow me to exemplify, because an image does speak way louder than words in this case. Let’s take one of the many stupid group behaviors that were propagated through our society’s fabric: that rapper guy Nelly (not sure here) hurt his face and put a band-aid on his cheek. Next thing you know the “cool” kids on the block are using band-aids. Now this is what I call herd behavior.

Instead of looking at this fact from a pessimist perspective, it’s smart to think of it as an opportunity for action. In other words, allow this new awareness to become fuel and knowledge that can be acted upon.

That’s when travel comes in. Although most people would unconsciously resist the thought of just traveling around hoping to become a better person, that is exactly what must be done. Also, long-term relocation is one of the single most challenging situations in our contemporary world. In 2011, only a few regions of the world present real challenges to survival, and only because they are going through some sort of transition.

As a foreign exchange student somewhere thousands of miles away from home, the little frightened human being has nothing to do with himself but grow. Growth won’t happen unless it’s needed. Unfortunately, so. The upside is that putting oneself through turmoil is a sure way to jump-start evolution.