Roasted Garlic Seasoning Made Easy: Garlic Bread and Beyond

Garlic is one of the most delicious and healthy natural seasonings in the world. You can find garlic just about anywhere – in your soup, lightly sprayed on vegetables, roasted garlic beside your steak – and the reasoning behind this doesn’t have to do with flavor alone. Known to help prevent and get rid of blood clots, garlic is commonly used in the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases and has even been noted as a potential cure and preventative for cancer. Since garlic is commonly sold as a powder or seasoning, it’s probably a good idea to inform you all now that irradiated garlic (most seasonings) contain no healthy amino acids or components found in raw or even roasted garlic. Read on for information about seasoning some of your favorite dishes with healthy, natural garlic.

The strong taste of roasted garlic is one that lingers on your tongue and adds a surge of flavor to just about any poultry, meat or fish. When seasoning meat, you need to make sure that the type of seasoning you are using will not burn too heavily under the heat. Using raw chopped or minced garlic is great for this, but it is difficult to infuse the entirety of the meat with the garlic flavor without injecting it. Garlic juices and sprays are simply fantastic for meat, as the juice will soak right in and make it’s way to the center. Consider cutting slits or even small holes into your meat to allow the juice to evenly spread within the meat.

If you are planning on whipping up a salad anytime soon, having access to garlic or some sort of garlic seasoning will ensure that it’s one of the best you’ve ever had. Lightly spraying garlic juice on a salad is another fantastic choice, as small pieces of garlic will likely have a hard time evenly spreading throughout the salad. This same tactic may be applied to mashed potatoes for an even flavoring throughout, and you might also want to consider making your own garlic butter dip or marinade for an upcoming meal if you are a fan.

Perhaps the most common seasoning purpose of garlic, garlic bread, can be done in quite a few different ways. Powders will work fine, but these powders will not contain any of the health benefits that raw or roasted garlic do. Mixing in your garlic seasoning or raw garlic in with softened butter is a popular method, and spray bottles make it simple to just squeeze a couple of times before and/or after toasting. The bread that you receive as a result will be perfect to serve alongside any sort of pasta, but you might also consider tossing this side dish into a tasty chicken or fish meal that you plan to prepare. Die-hard fans are known to eat some garlic bread with their steak, so don’t entirely count it out for steak either.

The pungent smell and flavoring that roasted garlic provides is unlike any other. With thousands of medicinal and cooking uses, it’s no wonder that this root vegetable has been around since the earliest days of civilization, and it is certainly no question as to whether or not it was enjoyed.