Live The American Dream With A House Cleaning Business

They say that America is the land of opportunity. While society has progressed with emphasis on post secondary education, it is still possible for someone with humble beginnings but a strong work ethic to make it big as a business owner.

If you possess the entrepreneurial spirit back lack the necessary education, it is best to start small a business in markets that don’t possess a lot of competition. One such business is the house cleaning business. People just don’t like house cleaning so it’s not a career or business that most people will pursue. Sure, there some cleaning agencies that provide residential cleaning, but by staying small, you can charge less in your cleaning jobs to your employers. Your rates will be competitive because your overhead is less than the big businesses. Furthermore, you can develop that one on one relationship with your clients and they will really appreciate that.

The house cleaning business is as much about cleaning as it is about networking and communication skills. You need to be effective in all areas. First off, you need to do what you were hired to do which is house cleaning. Furthermore, you need to communicate with your clients and understand what they want done and how you can accommodate their wishes. Finally, by doing a good house cleaning job for your clients, you can make it known that you will appreciate passing on your name to their friends and family for more cleaning work. By leveraging your existing clients to get jobs is a very powerful form of advertising that can help you grow your business tremendously. And it’s free.

The faster you grow your client base, the sooner that you will make a regular, steady income. The great thing about the house cleaning business is that the clients stay with you a long time. Again, this is where your one on one relationship will come into play. Clients are not willing to part with a trustworthy worker for the sake of hiring someone cheaper.

Therefore, America really is the land of opportunity. It isn’t necessary to possess a fancy degree – not when you’re willing to work hard in a small business opportunity.