When is Property Investment the Most Profitable?

Anytime the right strategies and property investment advice are employed, as well as the right property selections, are the perfect times to get in on the profits that many others are enjoying with various residential and commercial property investment options.  With interest rates and market prices at some of the lowest values in years, many investors are taking advantage of them and acquiring a range of properties with resale, rental, or leasing strategies in mind.

Sales are on the Rise

While fairly pathetic when compared to pre-recession sales rates, the numbers are on the rise, and as the economy slowly recovers, more and more options are emerging.  One of these options, particularly for those with no holdings of their own, is found in property investment companies, where resources from a number of investors are combined to increase the scope and profit potential for all involved.  Checking with the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers, or NAREIM, is a great place to locate the more recognized names in property investment and management companies.

Overseas Opportunities

Some of the most overlooked options within the property investment arena are the opportunities in overseas property investment, and while it may be hard to obtain commercial space on the first venture, vacation rentals are some of the easiest to obtain and maintain.  In the off-seasons, many investors employ locals to care for the property in exchange for lowered rent, as one example.

Using Whatever Tools are at Hand…

While sales are on the rise, it is by no means easy-street trying to sell or lease a property, as many are still feeling the effects of the economic fallout and are very reluctant to willingly take any new debt.  Fortunately, clever options like lease-to-own and simple rental agreements have helped many manage the costs and offer reduced risk and liability for the tenant.  Gaining the edge over the hundreds of other properties out there is the key, and simple steps, like outfitting them with unfinished furniture and keeping the lawn and landscaping up, can often be the advantage needed, particularly at the critical first impression stage.