Rapid Weight Loss – “Rapid” Harmful

“Lose 8kgs in only 30 days” and “Fastest and easiest weight loss system to look best in NO TIME!” Such ads on a placard, glow sign or television are sure to grab your attention. You will also find numerous such alluring ads splashing on the magazine pages.

Losing weight and attaining a slim attractive figure is not impossible, only the process should be gradual. It is a time taking process. If you attempt to go in for rapid weight loss by consuming weight loss pills you will ultimately harm your body. I see many of them opting for a crash diet and that results in harming their body.

Let me make you aware of the side effects of rapid weight loss.

Did you know that the muscle mass in our body comes from protein? Protein has a major amount of water. Hence loss of muscle mass means loss of water contained in the body.

Rapid weight loss can give rise to problems such as Gallstones. Skipping off meals may lead to corrupt the balance of cholesterol and bile salts. Gall stones will be formed from accumulation of cholesterol in the form of lumps and this is no doubt dangerous for the body.

Diet pills can have severe side effects. If you consume weight loss pills, you may land up in a hospital with many complications.

Protein is a vital element for hair growth. Hair is made up of a strong protein called keratin. If you start skipping meals then you are actually cutting your protein intake which paves the way for hair loss. So if you do not want to turn bald then better don’t cut off meals.

It is always advisable to consult your dietician before making up your mind to cut off meals as a part of your rapid weight loss program. Losing weight at a jet speed can be hazardous so go slow.