Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses | Oakley Gascan

Oakley brand of sunglasses is a type of product that you can depend on if you need shades to put more fashion to your outfit or simply if you want some protection for your eyes.

The Oakley Frogskin

These sunglasses take the style in the 80’s. They were well-known 3 decades ago and this style has been in fashion sight for several times. At present, this look came out once more and they are trendy so this is the reason why Oakley recreated the limited edition of these shades. You can choose from a lot of colors and they are all in thick square rims.

The Oakley Gascan

These shades are different from the Oakley Frogskin and this type is also a great choice. They were built from recycled materials so they are environmental-friendly sunglasses. The company logo on this product even came from bamboo. Aside from being an eco-friendly product, it also gives people the kind of look that they want.


These shades are delicate even if they are made to be worn by many people. It is always better to buy a durable casing for your sunglasses to protect them especially when they are not being used. Always practice to put these shades in their case every time you don’t need them. A kit for cleaning the lenses is also necessary to avoid scratches whenever you clean them since scratches are so visible once the lenses have them. Never just rub any cloth that you can get if you want to clean them. This way of cleaning will just wipe the dirt around the lens creating plenty scratches until the sleek lenses fade away.

Proper caring of your shades will always make your outfit complete and it will also keep your eyes protected for a very long time.