Will Linkvana Make My Sites Rank Higher?

Within the linkvana blog system there are literally 100s as well as 1000s of weblogs that are located on different IPs and areas so as to be completely anonymous. All weblogs in their program have domain age, PR2 or above and link popularity, meaning lots of links pointing to their blogs. When you join Linkvana you are allowed to create posts and submit them to their blog system. After approved you now have a link pointing back to your site with the anchor txt you choose. The backlink inside of the article points back to your own website and due to the fact the weblog has age, pagerank and history you will possess a potent hyperlink to your website. In This linkvana review we will cover important aspects of their system.

The linkvana user interface is extremely simple compared to many other internet marketing course to utilize and it has a project manager where you maintain monitor of all your projects. Each project is essentially a website you will be focusing on to build links to. The most beneficial part about linkvana may be the easy to use user interface. I personally am working on four supersites and a dozen smaller sites. Because of all these sites it can get just a little confusing maintaining monitor of everything. Thats 1 reason i like the setup of linkvana.

There are 2 ways to get your links. You can make short posts (one hundred words) and you put a link in the post. Or you can do an article which must be two hundred and fifty words or more and can have three links in it to your site. This is very valuable. After you submit the write-up you should wait for it to be approved to go out to their network. After approval your write-up or post will go onto one of the blogs and you may have a backlink. These blogs are PR2 blogs or higher.

Within the interface you’ve the selection to submit it to other places besides linkvana, places such as go articles, eza and a few others. I do like that feature because when I am doing my linkbuilding I can submit to all those places from one interface. What Ive covered so far is the main functions of the system. Their biggest benefit is you get to take advantage of their very very large network of blogs. This gives your links diversity.

Dont even spend your cash with their writing service. I did test them out and it wasn’t worth the money. A post of 100 words will cost you 2$ and a 300 word article will run you about $10! A little excessive in my personal opinion. I also believe the quality should have been much higher IF they are gonna charge that much.

I think their social bookmarking is a total ripoff. I think they charge something like 25 dollars for 50 bookmarks. Not worth it! YIKES! Again, I would look to other places that you can get bookmarks built cheaper or just buy software if you do a lot of bookmarking. One place you can find bookmark builders is forums like digital point.