Understanding The Cell Phone Locator

We’ll talk a little bit about the cell phone locator today. This kind of technology is becoming more and more prevalent and also more requested especially by businesses. In fact, it seems that the reality of big brother watching us is becoming more of a reality every day.

The first question to ask then is what is a cell phone locator? As the name suggests, a cell phone locator is basically software, usually in combination with hardware, that allows a cell phone to be tracked through GPS or triangulation technologies. Most phones nowadays, especially the smart phones have the hardware to be tracked through GPS, and even older phones can be tracked through triangulation with cell towers.

Benefits of a cell phone locator

The benefits of a cell phone locator are apparent. The ability to find someone who might be injured. The recent devastating Tsunami in Japan could make having a cell phone locator a matter of life and death. Businesses can also ensure that their employees out in the field are both safe and working where they should be with a cell phone locator.

But there are drawbacks to cell phone locator technologies. The first is that as with most available technology it is open for abuse. Governments could start tracking their citizens for nefarious purposes and hackers could conceivably hack into your phone and plant cell phone locator software so they know when you’re out of the house. Perhaps far fetched but these things need to be kept in mind when deciding if any technology and not just cell phone locator technology is right for you.

Free cell phone locator technologies

Currently, I am aware of 3 free cell phone locator technologies that can be used on most phones. With Google Latitude, you sign into this service and it can share your location with friends and family wherever you are. You can also download the app for your phone so it will display your location automatically.

If you have MobileMe for Macs then you can use a feature for all of your iOS devices to keep tabs of them and find out where your iPhone is for example if it gets lost or stolen. One other free cell phone locator option is Glympse. Glympse I like because it allows you to send a notification to whomever you choose so that they can view where you are and how long it might take you to get to your destination. You also get to set how long they can view you for. And once expired they no longer have any access to it.

There are other cell phone locator services out there that cost money, but this was just a short post to get you thinking about whether a cell phone locator app is something you want to use and also to help you understand exactly what it is that a cell phone locator does.