Improve low self esteem symptoms through guided meditation

Even though you have probably heard the term “low self esteem” on a number of occasions without feeling that it applies to you, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t accurately describe your condition. It is a very common problem experienced by people from all kinds of backgrounds. Business executives, pop culture stars, professional athletes, prominent politicians, and “normal” people just like us, as well – all of us suffer from low self esteem problems at various points in our lives.

For many of us, the psychological programming that underlies our action-based self esteem problem begins early in our childhood. Adult authority figures withhold positive attention from us unless we do “good” things. And “bad” behavior frequently generates negative responses from the adults in our lives. This trains us in Pavlovian style to behave the way the adults around us believe we ought to behave, but it also has the unintended negative side effect of teaching us that we are only worthwhile and good when we do “good” things, and that we deserve punishment when we don’t.

Fortunately, you can improve low self esteem symptoms with a bit of time and effort. While it’s a difficulty that many of us never take the time to work through, there are very effective methods available to reverse low self esteem symptoms. Restoring a positive self image is crucial to leading a healthy, productive, successful life.

Our true personal worth is inherent and unchanging. Each of us has the potential for all things, both good and bad, regardless of what we choose in this moment. We each contain goodness, light, and the capacity to bring incredible joy and happiness to others. Yet we also have the equal potential to do atrocious things to others, and to inflict incalculable pain and sorrow. That doesn’t alter our basic, intrinsic value. Learning how to meditate for beginners with uplifting guided imagery audio is an easy and effective method to start overcoming the years of unhealthy self-image condition, and reconnect with our true value.