3 of The Best Rustic Bedroom Furniture Pieces to Choose for your Home

After reviewing perhaps a hundred of the top rustic bedroom furniture pieces on the market, we determined three that have ranked highest in providing value over time. Each of these pieces have been expertly crafted using only the finest quality materials and construction. Their quality ensures that you will be able to pass these rustic master bedroom furniture pieces down from generation to generation.

Caroline Bed

The Caroline Bed includes a unique and stylish planked headboard that makes it stand out from the rest. The rails along the side are thick to provide added support so that it does not bend or sag. It is highlighted with extra large intricate finials to further add to its attractive appeal. The unique slat-roll system enables it t to be used without a box spring which helps you save money from having to buy one. The Caroline Bed also includes a slightly weathered white finish that allows it to blend well with most rustic bedroom furniture sets. This high quality luxury bedroom furniture piece is inspired by the Classic Country Inn style that will make your bed cozy all year round.

Essex Dresser

The Essex Dresser is built to last with fortified kiln-dried hardwood. It features customized bracket feet that add support and style to this impressive dresser. The thick lacquer stain ensures this dresser is well-sealed for any moisture. The stain also makes it very difficult to scratch or dent through years of wear and tear. My friend tested this dresser and found that it was superb at keeping all of her belongings out of sight and out of mind. Despite its massive storage space, it was compact enough for her smaller apartment. She said that her previous dresser also kept her belongings organized but it took up all of her space. The Essex Dresser will keep your bedroom spacious and well-organized over time. Each drawer is accented with picture-framed molding giving it a sophisticated and classic style. The exceptional Essex Dresser is inspired by the Italian Classical style with hints of gold within the deep black finish.

Gabriella Upholstered Stool

The Gabriella Upholstered Stool is handcrafted with durable reclaimed wood that gives it a natural appeal. The trim includes all-stainless nailheads that accents the upholstery beautifully. This popular stool is built with a high quality frame and is finished with a thick, weathered oak lacquer for style and protection. The natural linen and intricate detail will greatly enhance the style of your contemporary or rustic bedroom.

These exceptional pieces all consist of high quality construction that will provide excellent value for generations. They are made of solid hardwoods and include attractive finishes that will uplift the blandest bedroom settings. Don’t be discouraged by the slightly higher price tag for each of these pieces as their quality will ensure they last for years of use. If you purchase lower quality furniture, you will only set yourself up for disappointment as they will break down over time. This will lead to much frustration as you have to continually replace them. The pieces in this post combine style with durability to ensure they last for years of enjoyment. I encourage you to add any of these pieces to your current bedroom collection to maximize its style and comfort.