My Top 3 Contemporary, Rustic and Modular Bedroom Furniture Pieces That I Love

This post lists three pieces that will greatly improve your bedroom and your lifestyle. They are built by proven, trusted manufacturers who have specialized in building some of the finest master bedroom furniture sets in a variety of styles. They will uplift the blandest bedrooms with their attractive detailing and high quality materials.

Valencia II Sleigh Bed

The Valencia II Sleigh Bed is built with an exceptional various layered finish that shows off the true beauty of the wood. You’ll notice that the solid headboard is at a lower level compared to many comparable beds. This makes the headboard more compact and allows it to fit in most smaller apartments. The durable frame structure won’t bend or sag and the extra thick legs will prevent it from sliding around. The Valencia II Sleigh Bed is part of some of the finest contemporary and modular bedroom furniture sets but can be purchased as a separate piece if desired. The rich mahogany stain adds further attractiveness and protection from the many dents and scratches that plague other beds on the market.

Daniella Bedside Table

The Daniella Bedside Table includes an extra thick lacquer stain that protects this table from wear and tear over time. It is expertly crafted with very smooth lines and intricate detailing that is appealing to the eye. Customize this table as you wish by draping your favorite fabric over it to protect it and add extra style. This exceptional table is inspired by the original bombé chests that come from 18th-century France. It is a functional piece that can be used bedside or as a stand alone support piece in the bedroom. The bowed legs and the deep curved front add a sophisticated beauty that cannot be found in many other bedside tables.

Colby Accent Stool

The Colby Accent Stool is finished with a rich chestnut bronze that ads to its rustic charm. The slightly distressed wood makes this piece appear to be an antique or heirloom piece. My friend tested the Colby Accent Stool and found that it lacked some comfort from other stools she tried. We contacted the manufacturer about this and he suggested adding a cushion or pillow to provide added comfort. We did this and it was fine; however, we do like having a seat that is comfortable enough without having to add a cushion. It includes a comfortable, well-supported seat and is constructed with a high quality mortise-and-tendon joinery. This highly functional stool can be used in various rooms including beside the bed or as a standalone unit in the living room.

These pieces are all designed with high functionality and style in mind. They are built with simple, smooth lines which allows them to blend well with several bedroom settings. Don’t be discouraged by their slightly higher price tag as this higher price tag only demonstrates their fine quality. The manufacturers of each piece includes pieces that are inspired by French, English and Asian influences. Whether your bedroom is rustic, contemporary, large or small, I encourage you to add these exceptional pieces to your collection.