Types of Slouch socks

Slouch socks were a fashion fad in the 80s and these were promoted by the stars of popular shows like “Family Ties” and “The Cosby Show”. Although it was generally the girls who promoted the use of these socks, boys also had a share of this fad but did not like matching them with different colors nor layer them with another pair of socks. Through the decades, these socks evolved from merely becoming a fashion trend because of their varied uses.

Slouch socks are considered versatile socks that you can wear on a variety of uses and activities. These multipurpose footwear are great in physical activities like exercising in the gym or taking aerobics lessons. They come in fashionable designs and styles, colors and textile textures that will surely catch attention. The ribbing is 14 inches and stretch 19 inches around. For more creative and exciting wear of these socks, you can layer them with additional pairs of varied colors. Many manufacturers produce thinner textures so you can play around with more layers and different colors of your choice.

Some slouch socks are knee-high which you can adjust accordingly where you are most comfortable. Most slough socks are made of recycled cotton, acrylic and Lycra spandex fibers. They come in varied sizes but they typically fit American women size 7-12 shoes.

These cheap socks offer both style and comfort particularly to women who combine fashion and ease while engaged in various activities. For elegance and style, you can choose from a selection of colors and textures, as well as textile thickness that will match your dress-up and shoes.

Most slouch socks manufacturers use environmentally-friendly textile fibers like Corn Fiber that are best for casual and athletic use. The soft Silk and Merion Wool is ideal for hiking and ski or snowboard activities.