Things you Need to Know About Pinch Pleated Draperies

It is believed that the most traditional window treatment that would fit almost any decorating style is pinch pleated draperies. They have a very classy style and the best thing about them is they are very easy to install especially if you use pleat tape to create the pleats. There are many ways to get tips about how to make beautiful pinch pleat drapes for your home, you can look for ideas in designer magazine or you can simply go online.

Some individuals think that decorating a house is a major while others consider it as a delightful home improvement project. To make out the overall feel and look of a room, picking out the right color of the pleated drapes is the key. As long as you know you the style you want for the room, decorating windows is easier. If you consider pinch pleated draperies as your window treatments, they won’t only give a room a dramatic and elegant look but they will also help cut on energy lost.

Any current home décor will be enhanced due to pinch pleated drapes. They are sold in lined or unlined drapes or in floral, solid or striped patterns. If you are after a more modern look, you can still achieve that with pinch pleat drapes by utilizing different drapery rods. Pleated drapes are attached to rods with rings, clips or pins. It is very important to measure the length of the drapery before you purchase since the attachments affect where the drapery’s fall.

As mentioned, pinch pleated drapes have linings which makes them good insulators. The materials used for pleated drapes are heavier which adds sufficient insulation and elegance that you just can’t achieve with standard curtains. Pleated drapes make good light blockers as well due to the thickness of the drapes. During hotter months, they are the best choice of window treatments to keep out the heat of the sun form entering the room.