What I Look for in Good Mystery Romance Novels

What does it take for me to consider that a book is among one of the good novels? Every time I get my hands on one of the good novels to read there are certain elements I look for. When I think about the good novels to read that I have come across, they all have certain factors in common.

One thing that draws me to a novel is the characters and how they are developed. Characters that are shown to be three-dimensional, with scars and flaws are those that I can easily relate to. Just like the characters of good novels for young adults such as Bella and Edward of the Twilight fame. Who hasn’t fallen in love with these two and how they struggled to overcome all obstacles just to be together? Bella and Edward may seem like dark characters full of angst and gloom but their enduring love for each other is one thing that has endeared them to the readers.

Another thing I look at is the plot or the theme. Good novels to read for young adults usually deal with themes such as courage, hope and true love. I especially enjoy novels whose plots are so unexpected that you don’t even want to put the book down just to see what happens next. A book with an interesting plot always makes for the best stories.

Mystery and fantasy good novels for teenagers like JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, that deals with magic and sorcery have always captivated my imagination. The way that each character and setting is described in words is nothing short of remarkable. It allows me to expand my imagination and escape into a world that is far from reality with wizards and elves and fairies, but for some reason it still is able to relate to me in a very human level. How a novel is written is very important. The words used should be able to clearly describe a character or a place in the most succinct manner. Words should be able to bring the story to life and touch the readers in a deeper emotional level.

Good novels to read should also contain good dialogue. I love a book that shows witty banter between the characters. This is especially what I look for in great mystery romance novels, when the main protagonists exchange sharp and humorous repartees.

So for me, what makes a good novel? A good novel should have lovable and relatable characters, interesting plots written in a style that is captivating and moving but is also filled with wit and humor. All these make for good novels to read.