The proper way to break down a campsite

It’s always a sad day when a camping trip is over. You have packed up your 4 man camping tents, cleaned out the cooler and are ready to take off. Not so fast. The camper’s credo is always, “Leave it as found it.” That means to make sure your campsite is clean and ready for the next group of campers.

Grab your camping checklist out of your car. Now make sure you have everything you brought with your. Give it a quick wipe down so you don’t bring to much of nature back with you.

You are going to be using your cooler as extra storage on the trip home for your smaller camp items. Make sure it is clean and dry. Pour the water over your campfire to make sure it is completely out. Only you can prevent forest fires.

Time to break down your tents. This is a great time to have your children help you. Have them break down the 2 man tents while you handle the larger 4 man popup tent. Make sure all your dirty laundry is in a separate bag. Start making a pile of your stuff next to your car.

The next step is to police your camp site. Give it a good going over and collect all the trash and throw it away in its proper receptacle. If there was a would pile ready when you got there, do you best to replenish it.

Packing the car give you a chance to look over everything one more time and make sure it is properly secured and clean. You can also ask your neighbors if they would like any food or extra fuel you do not feel like taking home with you.

Stroll through the camp for a last minute camping site check and make sure you haven’t left anything behind.

Did you have good experience with your neighbors while camping? Get their info before you leave. You might want to do it again sometime.