What are the Best Countries for Learning Meditation

Meditation is universal. It is for everyone to benefit from and it can be practiced regardless of place or time. Indeed, it was conceived with the idea of helping out everyone who would like to benefit from doing it, and people have responded by practicing it properly. Well, at least those who have chosen to learn the meditation technique that they think is best suited and they believe will work best for them. And in a world where the level of stress and anxiety only seems to be rising, it is imperative that people learn ways to deal with it properly. Meditation certainly provides that, whoever and wherever you might be.

My own choice of meditation as my way for coping with every stressful and anxious situation was based solely on my personal interest in it. I thought and then believed that I would have my best shot at dealing with my problems through the help that meditation could provide me with. I started practicing the basics of mantra meditation, and was immediately impressed with the results that I was able to get from doing it. And when it came to the venue, I simply cleared a room in my house for my meditation sessions, leaving only the essentials. And by that I meant the meditation stool that I recently bought for the purpose, a mat that I use alternate with the stool, plus a few other things like some candles.

What’s in a Country?

But one question has been put to me and made me think about it deeply and seriously. I was asked if a specific country or different countries have anything to do with learning and practicing meditation properly. It gave me reason to think about the best countries for learning meditation, and what effects and implications it might really have. Now that one really made me sit down and think deeply and seriously, if any country does have anything to do with being able to learn and practice meditation in the proper way.

When you think about think it, there are indeed some countries that are more associated and identified with meditation than others. India, for example, is very much identified with not just meditation but spirituality in general. And then other countries and places also come to mind, as probable best places for meditation, these are places such as Thailand and Japan, among others. However, whenever I recall the basics of most of the meditation techniques that I’ve studied, it does not mention any specific country at all. Rather, what was taught was that the best and most ideal place to meditate is in an isolated place that can be conducive for relaxation and where the individual is free from distractions. As peaceful a place as can be, which is what I initially sought to make one of my rooms to be. I’d like to think that I was indeed successful and I have since enjoyed the full benefits and effects of meditation.