Your Hair, Tools, and The Instyler

Ever thought about the most important part of your outfit? I have, and I think it’s my hair. That’s why the other week instead of getting a five dollar cut, I got a twenty-five dollar cut. I know a lot of you are surprised to learn that there are five dollar hair cuts, but there are. Normally you have to find a beauty school and just take your chances. Historically I’ve been fine with that, but as of the last few weeks I’ve decided to make some changes.

One of those changes happens to be getting my hair cut by someone who knows what they’re doing. It really is a great relief to leave a salon and know your hair isn’t going to look like a giant question mark in people’s mind when they see you. Of course in the last few years there have been a lot of advancements in the hair care industry. There are tools that didn’t exist before long ago. As well our hair care products have become much more refined over the last few decades. A lot of this of course, is due to the natural forward motion of technology and science. Some of it is just consequent of innovation and people sharing their experiences.

I recently read a girl’s blog where she raves about her ceramic flat iron and how her life hasn’t been the same since. I think most people would agree that flat irons conjure up thoughts of straight hair, and anyone with curly hair at all knows flat hair is elusive. On top of being elusive, it seems pretty agreeable, as of late, that men prefer straight hair. I was just watching the “Millionaire Matchmaker” and the woman who runs the operation kept telling women that they have to have straight hair. It wasn’t an option in her mind, it was a law.

Of course if you’ve been watching TV lately you may have seen this Instyler thing. The Instyler is like a super hair tool and because there isn’t anything like it, I’ll try to explain it. It is basically a rotating hair iron. It has a cylinder that heats up, and it will spin while you squeeze it against an opposing brush. The end result is that you can manipulate hair pretty quick, at least that is the impression I get. Some people have said that the Instyler cuts their hair prep time in half. Really, the more that I think about it, the more I am surprised someone else hasn’t done this earlier. I mean with hair you generally don’t want to leave anything hot on it too long, and a spinning cylinder seems a good way to help dispense heat efficiently. Does that make sense? It has to.

Otherwise the Instyler wouldn’t work. Of course with any product, it is bound to work well with some people and not so well with others. I’m not saying that the product changes dispositions between users, I’m saying that some things work better with some people and not so good with other people. That is to be expected. Some people don’t like flat irons, they may love the Instyler. Some people like my friend may never leave their ceramic flat iron, and that is fine. The point is to find what works for you, and what works best. At some point I’d experiment around and see if there isn’t perhaps a better way to get the results you’re aiming at. Try new products. Try new tools. Just remember to be careful, trying new things can be pretty painful when you find yourself getting burned by them.