Learning the Craft of Making Wine at Home

As we grow and our tastes mature it isn’t uncommon to let those tastes diverge in all sorts of different directions.

That’s how I was with wine.

Studying and learning a thing or two about vino can prove enormously helpful and is a great conversation starter – there is just about nothing I love more than sharing my constantly growing knowledge of the plant, the process, and the final product with my friends, family and associates.  I am still surprised at how many people want to know more about my experiences in making wine at home.

It isn’t something I’m an expert at – by no means, in fact I’m still getting myself adjusted to admitting that yes, I make wine by myself in my own home.  Yeah, it feels weird when I tell people, because it was only a little while ago that I would have said I could never learn how to do something as complicated as that.  And yet I persisted to the end, reading a few instruction manuals, surfing a number of information blogs, and finally settling upon a wine making kit designed for beginners that was not only in my price range but appeared to offer a final red wine that I and my friends would enjoy.

Before I began this escapade I didn’t even know that wine could be made from a kit, I thought you had to own a vineyard or order large quantities of grapes from someone else’s vineyard who would then proceed to deliver them, or maybe just call me and have me pick them up.

I was so wrong.  You can order home wine making kits on the internet that literally come with everything that you need to start making wine today (or tomorrow, or whenever you actually order it).

The trick to making wine (and enjoying it) is just learning to be patient, both with the vino and with yourself.  A batch of wine doesn’t happen overnight, fermentation cannot be rushed, and the process has a set system of how to proceed that needs to be followed.  But stick to those guidelines and you’ll be drinking fantastic deep red wines that amaze your colleagues.  And you can tell them that you made that whole batch of wine by yourself.

Talk about a hobby that saves tons of money!

Though I personally haven’t ventured this far in my new hobby, many people who started out making wine from basic inexpensive internet kits end up moving on to making wine from real grapes.  And from there they progress to actually bottling and selling wine.

Once you begin the process of creating your own wine it becomes very habit forming – especially since it is such a low maintenance hobby (something that is critical for me, personally, and for many other very busy people) – I liked the idea of being able to let it sit on the back burner, that it wasn’t about appointments, showing up and meeting with other people.

My cat and I can brew and ferment our own wines in my basement.  No other help is needed.  It’s a great way to learn a new craft, work with your ends, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.