Solar Pool Cover for Indoor Pools

The thermo-tex technology found in solar pool covers helps to maximize its ability to create a heat blanket that absorbs and maintains thermal energy. The end result is a warmer pool, lower operating costs, and better energy conservation. Through minimizing your overall heat loss, this cover can also be used to keep indoor pools at a warmer temperature.

Although indoor pools are not subjected to the weather elements like outdoor ones, they still lose the same amount of energy from evaporation. An inside pool area is usually very humid which is a sign of a high evaporation level. To cut the humidity, air condition systems or ventilation is require, both which increase energy costs.

To see if your pool cover is effective, try to figure out if the costs having the cover exceed the benefits the cover is providing for your pool. Windy or dry conditions can increase the rate of evaporation from the pool’s surface, this is something you will not have to worry about if the swimming pool is inside your house. Pools in sunny environments will benefits from a bubble or transparent cover to maximize the absorption of light.

Indoor swimming pools can use virtually any type of solar pool cover to help save energy. Although most people think that swimming pool solar covers have no effect on these pools, they actually can greatly reduce the amount of evaporation, thereby saving energy and money from maintenance costs. The exact kind of roof you purchase will generally depend on how much money you have to spend. Some materials are extremely costly while others can be afforded by just about anyone. It is important to invest in quality materials for your pool so they can last as long as possible. Poorly built equipment can break easily, possibly creating a hazard for the pool’s occupants.