Brown Curtains : Hit or Miss?

If you would like brown curtains for your home, but are wondering about whether your interior designer friend would say they are OK, wonder no further. Every color curtain works in the right place. It is always a question of making sure that the colors in your window curtains work well with the other colors in the room and that the various light and dark tones are balanced.

If you have a natural color scheme, then chances are that brown curtains will go well with the room, especially if you are choosing plain colored curtains. There are a couple of things to watch out for however.

The first is that, as window curtains cover quite a large area, in particular when they are drawn across at night, they should have some interest in terms of texture if you are buying a solid color. This avoids a large expanse of dull, flat fabric. You could choose a fabric with an obvious woven effect or velvet curtains or even something like damask. If you are not sure whether texture will be enough to add interest and you have very large windows consider introducing a subtle pattern in one shade lighter than the main brown shade you have chosen, perhaps a cream with beige, beige with coffee or coffee with chocolate brown.

The second thing to watch out for, particularly if you choose curtains in a darker brown shade is to be careful that they are not the only item with that dark shade in the room. Introducing a few darker elements elsewhere in furniture or cushions will balance the dark brown color and mean that the curtains don’t seem to “take over” the room.

If you love brown (and you want your interior designer friend to love your room) it may be time to be a bit more daring with a patterned fabric and a color scheme based on the pattern. You can get some beautiful aqua and brown or pink and chocolate brown fabrics these days which might be a good place to start your color scheme.