Choose One of These Three Brands of Used Treadmills

I have found over the years that it is always important to buy quality. Used treadmills are no exception. I have also found that if I want to get a commercial machine, purchasing used is always the best. Commercial use treadmills can be found for basically the same price as a new consumer level model. This article is about three brands of treadmills including Precor, Cybex an techno gym.

Precor used treadmills are some of my favorites. They are the entry-level commercial machines and can be purchased for about $1000. In a normal professional gym these treadmills run for 12 to 18 hours a day and are built to last for the duration. Their commercial grade machines with great features and a very approachable price point.

The next machines I like are those from Cybex. Cybex used treadmills can be purchased for about half of what they cost new. This is about $2500. Cybex used treadmills offer a few more features than those from Precor and a still approachable price point. If you’re looking for a little bit extra look for a used treadmill from Cybex.

Finally, I like used treadmills from techno gym. Techno gym represents high level design and stunning good looks in a commercial grade machine. While they still cost about $3000 even use they’re worth every penny. They have a very large LCD screen integrated into the front panel which means you can continue to watch your favorite TV shows or getting better shape and losing some weight.

Used treadmills are generally the best way to find a good deal. I have found that purchasing a commercial grade used treadmill can be a great way to get a high quality machine at half the price of purchasing and. Gyms are rotating them out of their line up on a regular basis and you can get one for very good price. I have found that used treadmills from Precor, Cybex and technology and are the best bets for new consumers.