Piano Theory Worksheets for Beginners

The basic of teaching piano lessons for beginners is by introducing them to music notes, teaching them how to read, what are the values of each note, how to write and compose, and to execute the musical composition in the instrument. You may think that it is just about paperwork. But, the real deal here—the secret in teaching piano lessons effectively for beginners—is to let them understand and develop music and piano theory.

In music theory, the understanding in the sound produced by the instruments is deeper than the understanding in worksheets. When one develops music theory, this means that an individual can associate the music notes with the sound he or she hears. A specific sample is the piano theory. One has to learn the language and notation of the music in a piano piece. A piano theorist is a person who studies all fundamental elements of piano, like the note values, rhythm, structure, harmony, timbre, articulation, dynamics, and form. He or she must be able to analyze and identify the music pattern and play the instrument just by hearing a melody. Now, that requires an intensive training to be accomplished.

Do not be discouraged by this. Do you know that anyone can learn how to play a piano and be very good at it if he or she is passionate to learn? You always have an option to enroll in a formal music school for piano lessons or start with online tutorials. But, believe me, a one-on-one teaching technique is still the best option. However, with the continuous expansion of Internet contents, one can easily search, download or copy paste and print a piano theory worksheet for beginners over the World Wide Web. To understand the theory, begin with the easy piano worksheet that has simple notation. Be familiarized first with the basic G-clef before you work on the accompaniment. When you have mastered the G-clef and C-clef, there are still more complicated notes to understand—the sharp and flat notes. This is just the beginning. Besides, nothing comes perfect overnight.

Do not be intimidated by the many notes you see in the worksheets. An effective technique is to start with your favorite nursery rhymes piano worksheets. It is still better to play the songs that you are familiar with than songs you never heard of. AS you progress, your demand for music increases as well. Do not be in a hurry. Take one step at a time. And remember, practice makes perfect.