Avoid General Dentists Who Offer Free Dental Implants

That’s right, avoid those general dentists who claim that they can do free dental implants for you. The reason for that is very simple – the dental implantation process is a very complex and delicate one. Do it wrongly and you can end up with a numb jaw (because the dentist accidently hit the critical nerve) or an implant to which you have a natural allergy.

You just can’t expect one man to be able to do the dental therapy and observation, the dental surgery, and restoration processes all perfectly, as all of these activities require many years to master. That is also the reason why on the websites of respectful dental clinics you see that they never list their general dentists as the ones doing the implantation, and they always show you that they have their own “dental implantologist” (a whole seperate specialization) who have a certain amount of experience and qualification in his craft.

In fact, there are dental clinics who devote themselves entirely to the process of makin dental implants. Just like some clinics don’t offer cosmetic dental services (as cosmetic dentistry is not always taught in dental schools. In fact, it is not taught at all on regular courses.), some clinics specialize only in dental implantation. The current market and demand for dental implants is growing, so there is no wonder for the above occurences.

The fact that the business of dental implants is very profitable makes the practioners more aggressive with their marketing as well – as exemplified by the so popular “how to get free dental implants” offers. There is nothing wrong with this, though, as they do offer you “free dental implants” – it is just that they don’t say the restoration part is not free. You still save a lot, considering the average cost of cosmetic dentistry nowadays.