Money Saving Wood Burning Stoves & Multi Fuel Stoves

The rise in the cost of fuel is prompting more interest among people to seek other ways by which their houses can be heated. One solution people have found is the use of wood burning stoves. Wood burning stoves are available everywhere because they are produced in many quantities. Good enough, these stoves can also be used for several purposes. Now, furnaces that use costly fuel are being replaced with the wood burning stoves. Just like the fuel burning furnaces, the temperature of the wood burning stoves can be regulated by controlling the amount of wood that is burnt. However, the wood burning stoves also have their own disadvantages. Fortunately, multi fuel stoves are now available to eliminate these disadvantages. Just like the cars we drive, stoves have different fuel needs. The choice of fuel we use often depends on the price and availability.

Making Your Choice of Fuel

People who use wood burning stoves are normally restricted in making choices for their fuel. Fuels for Wood burning stoves include products from paper, tinder and wood. This is unlike multi fuel stoves that can use several kinds of fuel such as corn, pellets, logs, soy beans, rice husk, grass, leaves and corn cobs. There are also stoves that can burn with sawdust. The use of sawdust as fuel has made it possible for woodworkers to derive more profit from their products while making the environment safer for us.

Types of Stove Designs

The popular types of wood burning stoves have circular shapes. They are made of steel or cast iron and carried by the central supports. Today, there are more styles to fit home interiors. In case you decide to purchase the wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves, any of these choices will be very helpful in saving you money from heating your home.