Picking The Right Brown Shag Area Rugs

There are rugs that look great and then there are rugs that feel great. Shag rugs were so popular during the 60s that almost every home had one. However, these plush and cozy carpets are making a comeback in the 21st century. This carpet type comes in different varieties but they are made using the same loose weave technique using long, soft fibers. For this reason, the resulting carpets are not only beautiful to look at but they are also extremely fluffy and comfortable. These carpets are perfect for sitting rooms, game rooms and children’s rooms.

The most expensive shag rugs are the Flokati, and the Aros types. The Flokati carpet is made with pure wool fibers which makes the overall rug puffy and extremely soft to touch. The wool strands are traditionally from Greece and are made by hand. In the other, the Aros carpet is made with felted wool which makes it more durable as compared to the Flokati. Nonetheless, the Aros rug is still as comfortable as the former. People who own these rugs often describe the feeling of walking on these carpets as walking on air. Flokati carpets often come in off-white colors while brown shag area rugs made with Aros fibers are available as well as other colors.

Just because one wants to own a shag rug does not mean that he or she has to spend an entire fortune. There are synthetic types which are made with low-cost acrylic strands. Not only are these acrylic varieties affordable, they also come in a whole range of colors and designs. A lot of parents incorporate colorful synthetic shags in children rooms and nurseries. Jersey cotton shags are also being sold in more reasonable prices and are made with jersey cotton strands. Carpets made with jersey cotton are the messiest in appearance when it comes to all types of shags and are perfect for bedrooms due to their casual yet plush look.