Maintenance And Care Of Oak Wardrobes

Oak wood is sensitive in nature and this characteristic is carried on to furniture pieces that are made from this wooden material. However this type of wood is used to make a variety of furniture pieces that are functional in the homes, one of such pieces is the oak wardrobe. These are very popular despite the fact that they are prone to damaging easily if they are not given the appropriate care and maintenance. This does not in any way mean that the use of such wardrobes should be discourage, in fact with just the right tips on how to look after such furniture pieces then they can be the best option out of all the possible wood choices. Those seeking to enjoy their wardrobes that are made from oak wood for a longer period will benefit from the following information.

Where the chosen color for the oak wardrobes is white then it is best to place the furniture pieces away from rooms that have constant high levels of moisture. These rooms include the bathroom and the kitchens where splashes of water can over time cause damage to the wood and reduce on its usage life. Another key environmental factor that should never be allowed near the oak wardrobes is sunlight. This is also especially in relation to white the type of oak wood that is used here is white. Exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can cause the original pale shade to darken and in the process the beauty of the grains that can be seen in the white wood can be lost.

When it comes to accessories that are placed on the oak wardrobes, there should be extreme caution on what the materials that are used are. Preferably a plastic vase can be place on the surface of such wardrobes but one that is made of metal should never be brought in contact with the surface of the furniture pieces. This is because unlike plastic, metal is prone to rusting and if an accessory that is made of such material is placed on the surface of the oak wardrobes it can over time cause the wood to stain. It the vase has water in it this is even more dangerous as the water plus the rust can damage the quality of the wood.

Also related to moisture is the fact that oak wardrobes should never be cleaned with water based detergents. This is because the water can seep into the wood and cause it to weaken. An alternative is to use oil based cleaners that cannot cause damage to the wood.