How to care for your wicker garden furniture sets

Wicker garden furniture sets have always been a good option for garden furniture. Apart from being cheap, they are also elegant and durable.

Specifics of wicker:
Wicker is not actually a material but is a way of weaving to produce furniture. The material weaved to produce wicker can be bamboo, rattan or even flexible plastic. Wicker is a good furniture choice because it is easy to carry and is long lasting. It originated in China, back in 2500BC, and became popular in the west in 1920.

Cleaning your wicker garden furniture sets:
Many people avoid buying wicker garden furniture sets because they don’t know how to clean them. Fortunately, cleaning your wicker furniture is not at all difficult. Vacuum it every other week to keep it from getting dusty. You can also sponge it using a Murphy’s Oil Soap and warm water solution, softly blotting it dry afterwards.

One of the most common grievances regarding wicker garden furniture sets is how quickly they get infested with mold or mildew due to moisture. The key to this problem is using a soft solution of bleach and warm water to clean up the mold.

Consider the amount of direct sunlight hitting your garden when you buy your wicker garden furniture sets. Fiberglass or plastic wicker furniture is far more long lasting when it comes to direct exposure to sunlight, as real wicker will dry up and fade away when exposed to extra heat or wind.

The paint on your wicker garden furniture sets may start developing cracks after a while, as most garden furniture is painted after it is made. You can refresh your wicker garden furniture sets by retouching the cracks or chips with oil-based house paint. Unless you wish to completely change the look of the furniture, use a color as close as possible to the old one. Use paint sprayers for smooth coats of paint.