Review Of The Haier MWM12001SCGSS & The Haier MWM10100GC

Today we will go over 2 micro-wave ovens, the Haier MWM12001SCGSS and Haier MWM10100GC and let you know exactly how both units performed in our examination. But who are we? We are MicrowaveOvenWisdom, an free lance crew of customers who analyze kitchen appliances to talk about these examination outcomes on the internet and more importantly, to make sure other customers can do their own research prior to an order or purchase.

The Haier MWM12001SCGSS is actually a combination oven, pairing the features of any typical micro wave with the concept of a convection oven. It’s a brushed stainless steel structure using a dark glass front and keypad. It features 1000 watts of cooking performance along with 1-1/5 cubic foot of inside cooking total capacity. As a result the MWM12001SCGSS a regular mid size micro-wave. The frame measures 15 by 20 by 13 inches, and that is well within the typical range for any unit in this category. Other functions incorporate a blue LCD display, a useful pull-open handle, the 12-2/5 inch removable glass turn table, sensor cooking, ten energy levels together with 30 second program.

The huge plus is the fact that you’re able to do both, regular convection oven cooking coupled with micro wave functions. Which means that this piece of equipment can save you some real room within your home. And with $150 retail price, this combo oven is unquestionably in an attractive range. The test team gave this device an overall scoring of a B.

The Haier MWM10100GC microwave is rather very similar, although, it does have a bit more power with 1150 Watts designed for microwave oven cooking and 1500 Watt in the convection mode. The face is kept in stainless steel, however, the actual frame is just painted (silver-grey). The unit provides 4 convection configuration settings together with ten energy levels. Its dimensions are 21 x 20.5 x 14.8 inches, and that is somewhat bigger in comparison to the MWM12001SCGSS. In addition, it includes a practical pull open handle and detachable turn table. The general performance was pretty decent, so we gave it a B plus. The price tag is acceptable ($130).

Although the MWM12001SCGSS unquestionably has a more of a sophisticated modern physical appearance, turns out to be more compact, and most significantly, is much easier to operate, the MWM10100GC supplies a little more power. But that alone can be the single most important factor for a customer! Both devices are recommended by our test crew. It boils down to the question whether or not an individual needs the actual looks and straightforwardness, or power plus more progressive characteristics.