Resolve Carpet Cleaner Uses

Do you have a nasty stain? Did the pet have an accident in a high traffic area of the house? There are a number of adequate products that clean the surface, but none cleans as deeply and completely as Resolve. You can use it for a slew of stains, from dirt and mud to juice and grease, there are few stains that these products cannot eliminate. It is good for areas with heavy foot traffic, as well as small spots and stains.

For small spots and stains, simple take the Resolve carpet cleaner and use a small amount on the stain, either by dabbing a small amount on a sponge or spraying the affected area directly. Depending on the size and severity of the stain, you might have to work it in a couple of times. It is best to address the stain right after it has been made, as stains are much harder to remove once they have been given a few days to set in.

This company also has a solution for wide, highly frequented areas in the High Traffic foam carpet washer. You can address wide area stains such as these in a couple of ways. First, you can just take the bottle, shake it up and spray on the affected area. After spraying the stain, allow a few minutes for the area to dry, then simply vacuum up the dried up foam and remaining dirt particles. Second, you can work the foam into the carpet with a damp washcloth or sponge. This second method is arguably more effective, as it both refreshes the carpet look and smell, and really gets the root of the stain by having the foam worked in by a sponge.

As with all chemicals, it is important to read the instructions thoroughly. This prevents unnecessary accident stemming from misuse of the product. Resolve can save you a lot of money on carpet cleaning services, and at the same time allows you to keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh at all times.