Volkswagen T3 Vanagon Camping: Planning Your Essential/Non-Essential Items

So you’ve purchased a used Volkswagen T3 Vanagon and you’re ready to get that camper on the road and have some fun! You’ve decided to plan things out and would like a little help doing so and that’s what this Volkswagen camper article is all about. Making sure you remember what you may need, and leaving behind what you don’t. There is an old saying that when you go camping you should strive to take only as much as you need. There are many good reasons for that as well. It’s helps save gas, it helps save space and helps you not lose anything due to having to keep track of too many items.

Consider carefully what you’d like to take with you. Picture your activities as best as possible and try to remember those things that are needed in order to complete the picture. For example if you can see yourself relaxing on the beach shore, think about your body. You’ll need shorts, t-shirt, sunscreen. Think about your activities there. You’ll need to stay out of the sun at times so you’ll nee an umbrella, perhaps good book to relax to under it, perhaps a small stereo to listen to, etc.

Next narrow down the wants from the necessities. Look at all that you plan on packing by spreading it out before putting the items in bags. Separate the necessities from those things that are not. Pack the necessities first, then based on what space you have left, fill as many of your non-essential items into bags and fill the campers storage are to a comfortable limit. Try not to take too much though, again this will save on gas, space and lost or stolen goods (should you have that unfortunate experience).

By keeping a simple checklist nearby you for a couple weeks approaching your trip date and marking down these essential/non-essential items as they come to mind, you’ll almost be certain to have all that you could have imagined taking. Often times you get so busy on your road trips anyway that you’ll probably find it more difficult to use all the things you’ve successfully included for your Volkswagen camper van getaway.