Koolatron Coca Cola Fridge Review – Keeps Drinks Cold

Koolatron manufacture many different sized Coca-Cola branded mini-fridges and vending can machines – all of which are suited to the home market and come with the red classic branding and logo on.  The range has soda can coolers than can accommodate anything between 6 to 25 cans – all of which are kept cold and at arm’s reach.  One of the most popular models in the Koolatron range is the KWC-25 model.  Here’s a quick review of that product that will help you to make your mind up should you be considering buying it.

Koolatron KWC-25 Review – Looks Good

First things first with this Koolatron KWC-25 Review – it is not suitable if you want to keep food cold – it’s pure function is to simply store soda cans.  The KWC-25 can hold up to 25 cans of Coke and from a style perspective takes a lot of inspiration from 1950’s Americana and Cafe Culture.  If you want a can of drink all you do is press the top button and the can will dispense at the bottom just like a retro vending fridge should do.  However, there are some drawbacks and negative points to this compact mini-fridge.  These are detailed as follows:

It’s Very Noisy and the Lights are Too Bright

If you use this in your bedroom then getting a good night’s sleep might be an issue.  There’s a very bright blue LED light set into the top of the unit that tends to dominate a dark room – plus the mechanism and cooler can be quite noisy if you are trying to relax.

Needs Cleaning of Excess Water Monthly

In addition to that it can tend to gather water in the dispenser tray at the bottom.  This is because the cooler can become clogged up and as a result ice will start to form.  If you decide to buy this fridge then make sure that you keep the cooler grill clear from obstruction and also clean it out at least once a month if you want to keep the fridge performing to its best capacity.

Keeps Cold and Fresh in All Temperatures and Seasons

It’s not all bad though, because the Koolatron KWC-25 will maintain the correct cold temperatures no matter what time of year you’re in.  Hot summer months?  No problem.  But who will this fridge best suit.  Well, it’s particularly popular with students who want a cool dorm fridge that might serve as a great talking point.  It also suits small office spaces and potentially sports locker rooms.

It’s Only Good For Soda Can Cooling and Storage

Don’t view this as a standard compact refrigerator solution though – as it’s simply not up to the task.  You will only have room for soda cans.  If you want something retro with Coca-Cola branding and insignia this is the best on the market – but outside of that it’s probably a pretty poor example of a small refrigerator.

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