What to Expect from the Dryer Maid

Pet lovers ought to have a vacuum cleaner around the house ready to clean the fur that sticks on furniture and carpets. As for fur on the clothes, we’ll they’ll probably need another tool such as the Dryer Maid.

So what exactly is the Dryer Maid? The Dryer Maid is a dryer ball specifically designed to clean fur and lint from your clothes. It can work on any garment without causing damage to the fabric – from curtain sheets, towels, even woollen suits. This tool depends on a ball that works like a thousand lint brushes combined which is very efficient in removing even the peskiest fur that’s been there after multiple washes! Apart from the powerful ball, the dryer maid also depends on static electricity to attract hair that would have survived the cleaning action of the ball.

The Dryer Maid is very powerful on its own but with added accessories that come free with the package, you can even make it a lot stronger and more flexible.

  1. The Dryer Maid package contains self-cleaning brush that costs $20 separately. With the package, this is completely free! With the self-cleaning brush, you will significantly cut the time you spend on cleaning your clothes!
  2. For hard to reach spots, the package also contains two dryer brushes. They are flexible and should ably reach hard to reach corners with ease. Sold for another $20 separately, they also come free!

Another accessory that comes standard with the package is the magical lint. The magical can be put into the dryer maid to facilitate cleaning. To top it off, the magical lint can also offer an ironing effect to the clothes while you clean them. In a matter of seconds, you should notice that the magical lint has removed wrinkles, keeping your clothes very tidy looking.