Go Camping In France and Koh Chang

Have you ever set foot in France with your family before? If not this is the right time to spend your tent camping in France to enjoy this beautiful country in Europe. The best camping sites are located in Romains, Le Grand Champ and Les Tilleuls to name a few and be sure to visit Paris during your stay as well as the other landmarks in this powerful nation on earth. France has 12.89 million square kilometers with 28.27% of that as forests. This is one place on earth to renew your strength and spill out your tensions. You will never forget setting foot on this beautiful nation with your loved ones.

In the Pacific, there is another place you can spend your holidays also with your family that will guarantee your stay to be equally memorable and fun-filled. It has several resorts with the best accommodations Koh Chang style. And yes, the place is called Koh Chang Island. The island is the second biggest island in Thailand. It is accessible by a six hour travel from Bangkok International Airport if you are a foreigner. Upon deplaning from your international plane, you have to board a domestic one hour flight to reach Trat province and from there you have to board a bus for four hours traversing the countryside of Thailand and then another boat ride for another hour. The local trip is viewed as a challenge to most tourists and their desire to see the island is more of a test to prove their eagerness to reach the place. Besides, they are thrilled with the travel they have to undergo by immersing themselves to the culture of the locals within that six hour trip.

In Koh Chang Island, like in France, you can also have your tent camping. You may choose to have it on the white sand beach or inside the forests of the island. Either way, you want it, you will experience the real nature in this well preserved island. You can sleep under the stars in the night and spend the day on various activities on the island whether inland or water based fun-filled adventure