Non Comedogenic Neutrogena Mineral Makeup

Many women today are beginning to look into natural products that promote healthier skin and help to avoid spot breakouts and acne. One of the main buzz words surrounding this type of cosmetic is non comedogenic.

To make the meaning of non comedogenic clearer for the regular woman we should first understand what the word ‘comedo’ means and how it relates to the cosmetics industry.

A comedo is simply a spot such as a blackhead or a whitehead, more than one of these spots are known collectively as ‘comedones’. So to use non comedogenic foundation as an example product, this simply means that this foundation will not cause the skin to break out in spots.

One of the best known brands providing non comedogenic makeup that most women will recognize is Neutrogena mineral makeup. Neutrogena mineral makeup has a major benefit over many other brands in that it is more readily available on the high street than many other cosmetics of this type. This is good news for women looking to try a non comedogenic product for the first time because they can try an over the counter test before actually purchasing a product and with non comedogenic makeup being a little more expensive than a regular makeup, testing first to see if the product is a match for your skin is a wise move.

Even the most gentle of skincare products are not suitable for everyone so it is a good idea to test any product on a small part of your skin so that you can test for any unwanted reactions. Neutrogena mineral makeup is very gentle on the skin but is no exception to this rule, especially if you are already a sufferer of spot outbreaks, acne or if your skin is just of the sensitive type naturally.