Do Your Teeth Love You or Hate You?

I guess the best judge of this question would be to ask: How many natural teeth do you have left?  If you have them all, that is very good.

Even if you do have them all, do you have any loose ones?  What about your gum tissue?  Is it healthy?

You may not know exactly how to answer that last question.  The truth is that we are told by those in the dental profession that a lot of people have gum disease.  They usually tell us about 75% do.

That would be 3 out of 4 people.  What are the odds that you or someone you love has this problem and does not know it yet?

The problem with gum disease as it relates to tooth loss is that it is the number one cause of losing teeth.  This has to do with failure to disrupt plaque on a daily basis.

Plaque disruption is necessary because you cannot fully get rid of the plaque.  Microbiologist can see that within 30 minutes of disruption it starts to form again.

The problem is that within 24 to 72 hours or so, if the plaque is not disrupted, it is strong enough to form a shield against oxygen.  When that happens the bad bacteria, those that cause gum disease and cavities grow rapidly.  They love that environment.

Typically people are not good at disrupting this plaque layer on a daily basis.  If they were, you probably would not see such a high incidence of gum disease in the population.  That could mean that more is needed.

One powerful tool is a device called the hydrofloss. It was studied and shown to reduce the amount of plaque buildup between office visits quite well in comparison to other ‘ordinary’ irrigators.

If you have any interest in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, then it would be helpful to you to learn all that you can about gum disease.  It is not usually hard to thwart it, but without the right understandings and thinking, you could be ‘shooting in the dark’.   An excellent book on this topic is: What You Should Know about Gum Disease.  Get it, read it, love it.

Regardless of whether you use a powerful tool like the Hydro Floss,  the basic principles of fighting gum disease, when you know them, are going to help you to do a much better job of keeping your teeth happy. This can only benefit you.

You have a fair amount of power over  whether your teeth will love you or hate you.  If they love you, you may get to keep them all for a lifetime of good use and service.  You will also get to save on the expensive dental bills that others will encounter.  The trauma and recovery from losing teeth and having artificial ones installed is also an ordeal that you may be spared.

I hope your teeth love you.  If not, maybe it is time that you coax them into a loving relationship?