Reasons to Choose a Grey Wool Rug

A grey wool rug can be used in most rooms of the house. Grey is a neutral shade that can blend well with many other colors and there are several types of wool rugs you can choose from.

Wool is a natural material that can be durable and last longer than many synthetic materials. This beautiful material is also resistant to most stains and any staining can be easily cleaned. Rugs made of wool will last long and they also maintain their original shape well. Even if it is placed in one of the most used rooms in the house and several people walk on its surface many times a day, the material bounces back and keeps its style. This is one of the reasons wool survives so long.

Woolen rugs can feel very comfortable under the foot as you walk on the rug, even under bare feet. They also provide warmth even in cold weather and are a very good choice for cold climates. Because it is hypoallergenic, wool is a good choice of material for people who suffer from sensitivities to some of the modern synthetic materials or the chemicals that are used to treat them. Natural materials are safe even for children and kids will love to play on a wool rug because its soft and comfortable texture.

It is important to take care of the rug and vacuum it often. Spots of dirt can be cleaned with some warm water and a gentle soap detergent. Some people also use a bit of vinegar in the water to help to get rid of dirt. If there are larger stains, the best option may be to take the rug to a dry cleaner for professional service. By taking care of your grey wool rug you can guarantee that it last long and maintains its beautiful appearing.