2010 Range Rover Review

The 2010 Range Rover is one of the most luxurious and expensive 7 seater cars on the market. This brand has always been famous in the luxury car market and the 2010 model has received several upgrades to make it even more capable, powerful, and luxurious. These changes have been well received by the public and it is difficult to find a review that has something bad to say about this vehicle.

Although Range Rover is a luxury car, it built its reputation on off-road trails. Its 4WD system and quality suspension allow it to compete with off-road cars and diesel trucks for sale when driving on unpaved roads. The 2010 Rover continues to astound its customers with its capabilities on rugged roads. Unlike many other off-road SUVs, this vehicle also has excellent performance on highways and smaller roads.

The new Rover features two engine choices. For a higher cost, you can get the 500 hp engine that has enough power for any situation. Quality braking and handling allow this vehicle to feel perfectly at home in the city, freeway, and rocky trails. The interior is equally impressive and resembles its $80,000 price tag.

The Range Rover does not disappoint when it comes to performance. Reviewers were particularly impressed with the 500hp engine that could reach incredible speeds on both the highway and off-road. The exterior for the 2010 version has not changed much since previous models, since the classic Rover look continues to be popular on the modern market.

The interior of this SUV is so impressive, it causes many customers to question whether the vehicle is capable of off-road terrains. With cutting edge cabin tech, top-notch assembly, and quality material, the Range Rover cabin will make you feel like a millionaire. Like other SUVs in this price range, the Range Rover is also equipped with numerous safety features.